Wednesday, June 13, 2018

We Waited to long!

An old saying goes, "it's to late to shut the barn door after the horse has already got out" We White people don't like to admit when we are wrong. We hate even worse admitting that we were lazy. But the truth is in 4 years White children will be a minority in American Schools and 20 years after that White people will be a minority in the United States. This is not some wild eyed conspiracy theory, these figures come from the United States Census Bureau. We are dying. No wait. WE ARE DYING!

I could be unreasonable and blame it all on the liberals but that would not be entirely true! All White Americans regardless of political party had a responsibility to it's own race and neglected it. Congress messed around instead of passing and enforcing tough immigration policies. A thin blooded Supreme Court failed to protect the Constitution, our money system was abandoned and given to the Zionist controlled International Banks.

We White Americans sat back on our smug posteriors and ignored the takeover while getting fat, taking drugs, watching porn and sports , talent competitions and protecting our gun rights while our right to EXIST was threatened. Can it be turned around? We waited until we were outnumbered. We waited until our position was made weak. We waited until public opinion was against the notion of Racial survival.

We need to pull our heads out of our asses, put down the remote, get up off our behinds and GET INVOLVED! We can try peaceful solutions and hope we can get some gains, but must face the very real possibility that we could face violent hostile actions in the future. Read about South African White Farmers being murdered in savage attacks! That could happen here someday in the not so distant future.

What are YOU going to say when the little innocent grandchild comes up to you and asks " Grandpa, what did you do when they started to kill us?"


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