Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Simplifying your views.

Most people have their lives organized into neat little categories. Each one with it's own little compartment. Eventually you become something of a hoarder, collecting theories and information (true or false) belief in God or no belief in a God. So many choices to make. It's like shopping for a new car when the lot you go to is filled with every kind of car , every brand, every style, every color, engine size, every option imaginable. You will get tired trying to make an intelligent choice. What makes you think that deciding what to believe is any easier.

The truth is we don't know very much. Most of our decisions as to what to believe are made on a "gut" level. That gut feeling comes from deep down where your animal self has taken refuge. Yes, you are an animal. You were born with instincts, you have intuitive abilities. Animal sense.Nature is the teacher. Nature's laws are what matter. But because of our enormous egos we ignore our instincts. We try to decide everything with a thought process. You eat when it is time to eat instead of when your brain tells you that you are hungry. You walk around dehydrated most of the them because you ignore your bodies cries for water! You ignore your sexual urges until they overcome you. Instead of a healthy sex life you do the deed with guilt and shame and embarrassment because of your Judeo-Christian upbringing. Nine Inch Nails did a song that says "I want to fuck you like an animal!" I have never met a female that didn't like that song if they are willing to admit it. Real is sexy.

If you set all your preconceived notions down, start listening to your instincts, acknowledge your lack of real information and live a healthier life suddenly a strange thing happens. You watch your ego die and you suddenly are free to say things like "I don't know" or "I don't care" "want to go to bed and fuck like animals?" Modern thinking has lead to angst, depression, guilt, remorse, confusion, male castration, women's liberation  and poor social skills because you have no genuine responses to anything! The Zombie Apocalypse!

Beliefs don't always make things better. Some can enslave you. It is better to leave the theories behind and stick with reality! Try being a Human being. Do what comes naturally.You might like it!


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