Thursday, June 14, 2018

No College Degree-But a lot of Common sense.

If the evening news told me it was raining outside I would have to go to the front door and see for myself. You see, I just assume that everything I hear on the television is bullshit. A huge amount of what you read and see on the internet is also Class A Bullshit!

It always comes down to money or control. Half of these Truth Crusaders make a living from their websites and YouTube channels. They are like preachers for the most part. Giving a hell fire and brimstone performance right before passing the plate so you can show how much you love god and all that other shit! Money is the only god any of these slick talking bastards care about. There is no difference between "pass the plate and give generously " and " please help support this channel" both have got their hand out!

You got some serious nut bags out there who also add to the confusion. About half of what they say makes sense but if you wait long enough they will start talking about being visited by UFOs and having sex with Bigfoot or some other bizarre as shit stuff! You got the religious fanatics who tie the Global Conspiracy to the end times and the anti-Christ and all that crap! The new world order is real but it ain't got nothing to do with lizard people or demons or any of the rest of that looney tune shit. It has to do with GREED! MONEY! and POWER! You don't need a devil to be behind this crap. Humans are quite capable of being evil without any satanic influence being involved!

The world is being ran by psychopaths, we are slowly being poisoned or enslaved and that part is real. The White Race is dying and that is real. Now is not the time for alien abduction bullshit or bible thumping nonsense. It is  time to get real. The elite loves seeing all these worthless nuts and fanatics ranting and raving on television and the internet. It confuses the hell out of the situation and keeps people scratching their heads trying to figure out what the hell is going on!

Forget the god damn UFOs and the Second Coming and all that! Ask yourself who stands to gain from what is going on? Train yourself to "Follow the money".



  1. Always follow the money- good advice
    follow the passage of money
    from who to who else
    from where it originated to where it ended up- think of Oliver North funneling money
    always ask who benefits - cui bono

    1. Greed and lust for power are fairly normal alpha behavior. This insane desire for global domination is the domain of lunatics! Nothing supernatural about it. I wish a little common sense could prevail instead of this ideological warfare. There is always time for reflection when the war is over, not during! thanks for your comment!


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