Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Big Brother Knows What you buy!

Social unrest, economic collapse, a new civil war! What could happen is a long list. NO matter what you have on hand, eventually you will need stuff. If the grid goes down or Big Brother flips a switch and the debit card suddenly doesn't work what then?

Since the introduction of debit cards and kiosks, the computer age has certainly made great advances in bill paying and retail purchasing. But it comes with a high cost. PRIVACY. Do you want to have a file someplace that keeps track of everything you buy with your debit or credit card? Buying gold or silver as a hedge to protect your wealth? Big Brother knows! Buy more ammo and pay for it with your debit card, Big Brother knows! Buy a sex toy to spice up your bedroom activities, Big Brother knows!

Cash is getting to be used less and less. What happens when all you have in your pocket is a card with a chip? One flip of the switch and you are broke. No food, no gas, no medicine, can't pay for your bills or anything else!

What about the underground economy RP? Yes, we still have garage sales and dumpster diving and thrift stores and curb shopping and flea markets. SO FAR! I used to make some cash selling at a flea market. This was years ago. The State Tax people came out and checked to see if you had a tax number and was charging sales tax. Well, practically none of us small time seller did. Of course, we had to shut down our operations. We didn't make enough of a profit to mess around with all the bullshit necessary to make the government happy! They came every weekend to keep tabs of who were regulars. Sell 3 weeks in a row and here they came, flashing their credentials and making threats.

Barter is still a viable option. But trading during hard times requires vigilance! All parties involved should have guns! It keeps everyone honest and polite. I don't care if it is something as small as a can of beans, I will not be robbed for it! Give me what we agree on or we have a big problem. This is a prepper issue I seldom see addressed on various websites. My friend Mike operates the Living Prepared Blog.  One of the best preparedness blogs around and I don't recall him ever talking about barter. If you haven't been to Living Prepared, do yourself a favor and go see it. Tons of useful information and Mike is a great guy! Tell him RP sent you!

Someday you might desperately need something and your card has been rejected because you said something Big Brother didn't like. What do you do then? Something to think about for sure!



  1. RP

    Yes, Big Brother Does Know All. If you have ever used a credit or debit card that transaction has been saved for life. May seem unimportant to most today but think about this, If you ever purchased a gun from a gun dealer or ammunition or gun accessories online, Big Brother knows it, knows what and when you purchased it. Even if you paid cash for the gun from a dealer the paper trail is there and You are now on the Big Brothers “Gun Confiscation List”. If you sold ever sell the gun you better have a sales receipt with the buyers name, address and drivers license number so they can visit him.

    Walmart: I use the Self-Checkout terminals. If you look in the upper right hand corner of the checkout screen your face is now being recorded on video while checking out! Big Brother Knows All..

    RP, thanks for the kind words about Living Prepared.

    Barter: I have never written about Bartering, the risks involved or what items to stock for bartering. I’ve not thought in-depth about the possible risks as it could be very dangerous. It may be necessary at some point in our lives, but get yourself prepared now so you don’t have to expose yourself to the unprepared and desperate people during dangerous and desperate times.

    1. no problem Mike. I meant every word! Young folks are looking for information and in some cases direction. Least we owe them is a finger pointing in the right direction.


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