Sunday, June 17, 2018

Jesus ain't Coming Back!

Wow! It has been a hell of a week for shattering illusions, facing reality etc. I can honestly say the more I learn the less I want to know! But better to face an ugly truth than live in blissful ignorance.

After a lifetime of naively giving everyone and everything the "benefit of the doubt" I have come to realize the utter idiocy of that! Governments are all corrupt. The world is being run by insensitive, cold and calculating psychopaths, Santa Clause is morbidly obese and the Easter bunny is dead! Oh, did I forget to mention, Jesus ain't coming back! All these spiritual paths lead to the same place a one way ticket on the ferry across the River Styx. If you prefer to eschew the mythological  reference we could just say at the end of the line you face DEATH!  Your body gets cold and stiff and begins to rot! Sometimes that starts before you die! The electrochemical impulses that created the illusion that someone was home in your head will have ceased functioning and this pathetic ego trip will have pulled into the station and arrived.

When death finally releases you from this life, all the ambitions, and desires, and hopes and dreams will end. NO one will care about the god damn economy, Syria, Trump, North Korea, White genocide, Hillary, emails, Russian prostitutes, The Stanley Cup,  American prostitutes, the price of gold, the weather, global warming, or the downfall of civilization! Whatever small spark of sentience that existed will have discharged and returned to the abyss.

As you lay there dying and pondering all this, it occurs to you that you wasted your limited time on this earth being concerned with bullshit instead of what was important. Sex and beer! NO just making a joke there. Love was important. Connecting was important. It was very simple and you made it all very hard. Foolish.

Have a Great Day!