Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Post- Bored!

Well, since it is 113 degrees at 5pm and I am not supposed to do anything hard or be around dust and sawdust, here I sit in my room with the lights dimmed , sitting at the computer, bored out of my mind. Big night of television planned. Sharknado #6 will be recorded and I will watch Garage Sale Mysteries with the Mrs. Then later is Sharp Objects on HBO. It has two episodes left and that will be over! Good riddance! I have to see how it turns out but to be honest I didn't think it was that good!

Everyone who is prone to panic anyway, sees the price of silver dropping as a horrific "sign". Silliness to be sure. IF you expected to buy silver and make money you were foolish to start with. Silver is NOT an investment. It is a hedge. A way to store some wealth that doesn't rust, get wet, or burn up in a fire. That's all it is. Is it going to shoot through roof? Hell no! Not anytime in the next 25 years or so. Are we going to have an economic collapse? We could but I seriously doubt it. Those who like to live in a state of continual fear and anxiety ( the fed, the boogey man, the devil, the antichrist etc. ) look at the increasing National debt and pee a few drops and tremble. Why?

21 trillion dollars reduced by 95% , if the dollar went back to being worth a dollar is only around 1 trillion dollars. That isn't bad for a country as rich as ours. Not optimism, reality. Some people will ALWAYS live in dread, will always fear and be anxious. Don't even attempt to dissuade or alleviate their fears with anything as silly as facts.
American Silver Eagle

I have junk silver because I like old coins. I have American eagles because I like silver dollars. I have lots of coins that are not only silver but have numismatic(collector) value as well. But I believe in America! WE have survived a lot in the last couple of hundred years. I think we will continue to survive just fine. If for some reason we don't, sitting around worrying incessantly won't make any difference anyway.