Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday-8:53 AM

Well, with the exception of getting up to pee about 4 times! I slept 9 hours! The scale this morning recorded 241.0. July 20th. Eleven days to reach my goal of 239 so I am going to hit the mark for this month. End of August I want to be looking down at 229 on the scale! Plus, the end of August I will have brand spanking new lenses in my eyes and hopefully will only require reading glasses.

Worked again on the entryway project. Got the top plate placed and squared making a corner. Attached to the house now. Had to trim the window trim to make room for the support. You will understand what I'm talking about when I post pictures. Soon I hope. More cooling when the morning sun is blocked from the east and no longer shines in on the front of the house. More glorious shade!

Grayson the Wonder cat had us worried. I was going to schedule his departure from this mortal coil but he has gained a reprieve. The wife has started forcing him to eat hard food or starve and he is doing better with his bowels. Poor old beast , I love him. We celebrated having him two years the other day. That's two years of good life he wouldn't have had if we hadn't come along.

Is this the most boring blog post you ever read or what? Hey, it's what I was thinking about while sipping my coffee so it's what you get! ha ha. Sorry there are no guns or pictures of naked women! A couple of my blogs on the side bar have that stuff if that's what you are looking for. Anyway, Friday got here. For those still going to jobs, hang in there!

Later Buckaroos!